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No New Posts The Code
"Welcome to the forest, newcomer. There's a lot to learn but do not fret. In turn for your loyalty, you will earn new knowledge, respect, and most importantly, honor for the warrior's way of life. The soft pads of a kittypet's can be easily scathed, but pledge your faith to StarClan and they will protect you."

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13 7 Dec 24 2013, 09:12 PM
By: Crow
No New Posts Announcements
Site-wide events, admin notices, and any general announcements will be stored here for review. Be sure to check here often if you don't want to be left behind.
6 10 Jan 11 2014, 06:50 PM
By: Crow
No New Posts Clan Affairs
Information for all clans including allegiances and mentor/apprentice pairings are listed here.

6 10 Dec 23 2013, 02:01 PM
By: Crow
No New Posts Inquiry Den
Questions, comments, suggestions? All three? This is the place you need to visit. Site members and staff will be sure to answer and reply accordingly to any and all inquiries located here. Guest friendly!
3 6 Jan 10 2014, 02:27 PM
In: Question
By: Shadepaw

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No New Posts Creation
Create your characters here! Just make sure to read the rules and follow the character form correctly.
Subforums: Pending Bios

19 12 Jan 13 2014, 11:05 PM
By: Shells
No New Posts Accepted Characters
This is where completed bios are placed after being accepted, sorted into different sub-boards by clan.
Subforums: ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, LRK

29 17 Jan 13 2014, 02:50 PM
In: SHADEPAW, apprentice
By: Shells
No New Posts Bonds and Ties
For all of your relationshipping and plotting needs, you can find your characters friends, enemies, and romance as well as start mini-plots. cats can also be put up for adoption.
Subforums: Adoptions, Having Kits?

11 8 Jan 14 2014, 12:35 PM
In: The smallest warrior
By: Shadepaw
No New Posts Logs and Trackers
For all of your character storing needs, every member is free to make a log to keep up with their threads, tables, and other character goodies. One thread per member, please!
8 2 Mar 6 2016, 01:09 PM
In: Shell's Tracker
By: Shells

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No New Posts ThunderClan Camp
Directly in the middle of their territory and surrounded by woodland, ThunderClan have made their home at the base of a sandy ravine. The chasm in the ground was once a riverbed that is now surrounded by bramble thickets and thorny bushes, a natural barrier to keep enemies out and the clan cats inside of it safe. There's a fallen tree stretching out across one side of the camp, its roots tangled into the ground. The tree can be easily climbed. Separate dens weaved with bracken, twigs and other materials have been made at the foot of the ravine for the sake of privacy and comfort.
Subforums: Highrock, Leader's Den, Medicine Cat's Den, Warrior's Den, Apprentice's Den, Nursery, Elder's Den

7 2 Jan 22 2014, 11:48 PM
In: head over heels
By: sparrowstep
No New Posts ThunderClan Territory
The leafy woodland and bramble covered ground are what thunderclan cats are suited best for. The plant life is thick and heavy, though the cats here have learned to maneuver through the growth. Unlike ShadowClan's towering pine trees, the surrounding area is often bright and well lit. The forest is filled with a variety of animals and the prey most common to the ThunderClan cats are voles, mice, squirrels and birds.
Subforums: Sandy Hollow, Bird Point, Little Sycamore, Snakerocks, Monster Meadow

5 0 Jan 5 2014, 04:25 PM
In: when i'm not with you i...
By: Hawkeye
No New Posts ThunderClan Borders
To equally split the clans as agreed and promised, ThunderClan patrols their two borders with RiverClan and ShadowClan dutifully to ensure that there is no trespassing on either side to avoid conflict.
Subforums: The Thunderpath, The River

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Collapse   RIVERCLAN
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No New Posts RiverClan Camp
Surrounded by the river and the falls from the gorge, RiverClan camp is an island separated from the other Clans. It can only be reached by swimming or a wet walk across the stones, making the camp well protected. There's a reed barrier that travels all the way across the RiverClan cat's home. Their dens are also made up of reeds and are decoratively headed with feathers and shells. Near the edge of their camp is an ancient willow tree, whose stems brush the ground. The only threat is floods, where the cats usually abandon camp for higher ground.
Subforums: Willow Branch, Leader's Den, Medicine Cat's Den, Warrior's Den, Apprentice's Den, Nursery, Elder's Den

8 2 Jan 12 2014, 12:11 AM
In: PATROLS → RC active patrols
By: Shells
No New Posts RiverClan Territory
Open plains, willow trees, ivy and sedge grass makes up the most of RiverClan territory. The soil is soft and rich, never dry and barren. Many different plants grow due to being so close to the river, so RiverClan cats often revel in the beauty of their territory as much as they preen their sleek pelts. The cats are partial to fish from the river and so it is their main source of food although they do catch the occasional water vole or wandering bird.
Subforums: The River, Sunningrocks, Twoleg Bridge, Abandoned Twolegcamp, Grassy Field

10 1 Jan 15 2014, 04:27 PM
In: patient as the tide
By: Rainsong
No New Posts RiverClan Borders
RiverClan shares borders with ThunderClan and WindcCan, each being marked by the river and the gorge. RiverClan is often confident that their border won't be crossed since neither Clan are very skilled at swimming.
Subforums: The River, The Gorge

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Collapse   WINDCLAN
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No New Posts windclan camp
In the far corner of WindClan territory, far away from the borders and other dangers, is a small dip in the ground, which is currently their camp. A small thicket of brambles surrounds the overall area, yet it is not very effective. The camp is more protected by the steep hills surrounding it than the weak bramble barrier. Most WindClan cats prefer to sleep in the open, with the wind howling and the stars shining brightly over their heads. Although, there are a few protective bramble dens for the elders and kits.
Subforums: tallrock, leader's den, Medicine Cat's Den, Warrior's Den, Apprentice's Den, Nursery, Elder's Den

4 0 Dec 22 2013, 05:43 PM
In: PATROLS → WC active patrols
By: cove
No New Posts windclan territory
The wide, open moorland is perfect for WindClan. Their builds are small, yet they are sleek and fast, often darting across their lands in pursuit of a rabbit. The territory they live in fits them perfectly, with its rolling hills and few trees. Scattered throughout, there are boulders, tall grasses, shrubs. ponds are dotted here and there, providing fresh water for the Clan and a spot for herbs to grow. Prey is often found around these areas, such as rabbits, hares and the occasional bird.
Subforums: Outlook Rock, The Lone Tree, Abandoned Farm, The Gorge

5 4 Jan 12 2014, 06:27 PM
In: Another Day in Paradise
By: Shellwhisker
No New Posts windclan borders
WindClan really only shares borders with one clan: RivercCan. ShadowClan is to their north, yet that border is rarely crossed. East from them lies the sacred clearing, with ThunderClan behind that. For WindClan, borders aren't as much of a problem for them as they are for the other clans.
Subforums: The River Border, Fourtrees Crossing

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No New Posts ShadowClan Camp
A dark, well-concealed hollow is where the ShadowClan cats make their camp. It is hidden deep in the shadows, beneath the shelter of the tall pine trees that cover their lands. Surrounded by prickly thorn bushes, this camp is not an easy target. But, there are ways to get past these barriers, such as the hidden fern tunnel that few cats know about. However, without this knowledge, enemy cats will have a tough time attacking this well-protected camp.
Subforums: Smoothboulder, Leader's Den, Medicine Cat's Den, Warrior's Den, Apprentice's Den, Nursery, Elder's Den

5 0 Dec 22 2013, 05:44 PM
In: PATROLS → SC active patrols
By: cove
No New Posts ShadowClan Territory
Towering pine trees can be found all throughout ShadowClan’s dark territory. The ground is covered with pine needles and barely any undergrowth, much unlike ThunderClan’s lush forest. The prey here is quick and quiet, just as the cats are. Squirrels are most common, along with birds, vole and mice.
Subforums: Carrionplace, Burnt Sycamore, The Marsh, Thunderpath Tunnel

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No New Posts ShadowClan Borders
South from ShadowClan lies the thunderpath, and after that, ThunderClan. This is their most guarded border, as it is the once that is crossed most often.
Subforums: The Thunderpath

2 0 Jan 2 2014, 12:50 AM
In: Reckless Exploration [Resur...
By: Fluffy

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No New Posts the clearing
Long ago, there had been four tall trees in the center of this barren clearing. now, the clearing is almost entirely empty, besides a large, overturned boulder in the center. There is an ancient story that tells of these trees being ripped up by their roots and destroyed by monsters. It is unknown what really happened to them, or even if they existed at all. But, the area does have almost a grieving feel to it, and many do believe that something awful once happened here.
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No New Posts highstones
Highstones is home to the most sacred area for the Clan cats: the moonstone. It is where leaders and medicine cats may contact StarClan, yet it isn't nearly as effective as it once was. Now, the dreams are full of blurred images and a flurry of noise, offering no reassurance or hope.
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No New Posts unknown lands
These lands stretch far and wide, full of many mysteries and secrets. They are home to a wide variety of creatures, including cats. Rogues and loners often wander here, searching for food and shelter. Sometimes, they may cross over into the Clan territories, either by accident or on purpose.
Subforums: Twoleg Place

4 1 Dec 31 2013, 11:01 PM
In: don't come any closer,
By: Twitch

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No New Posts meows and yowls
Feel free to talk about anything appropriate here in the general chatter area. Play games with the crew and open up your own art shops and stores here. As creative minds, don't think you are limited to just that! Have free reign here, just don't go overboard.
Subforums: Introductions, Games, Art Shops, Going Away

11 20 Mar 6 2016, 12:40 PM
In: Shell's Table Testing
By: Shells
No New Posts sharing tongues
Advertisements are to be placed in the followings boards and only here! Ads found anywhere else will be deleted. Don't forget to affiliate with us!
GOSSAMER ; a literate warriors rpglies in the low {warriors}The Warriors ForestConflicting RivalsWarrior Cat and Wolf RPForgotten PurrsForgotten Purrs
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With Silverpelt Above Us alder hollow. BREAKING POINT, a warrior cats rpg BREAKING POINT, a warrior cats rpg BREAKING POINT, a warrior cats rpg BREAKING POINT, a warrior cats rpg BREAKING POINT, a warrior cats rpg BREAKING POINT, a warrior cats rpg

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139 19 Jul 14 2018, 02:49 PM
In: uzvjbc
By: tmyife
No New Posts the shop
The shop, the magical shop! Here you can come and spend your hard earned stones on things you want, for you or for your characters.
2 1 Dec 23 2013, 02:40 PM
By: cove
No New Posts Elder Tales
All good things come to an end but the legacy doesn't always vanish. Thread archives, old character bios and the like are placed here when their times have come to a final stop.
Subforums: Old Bios, In Character, Out of Character

3 7 Jan 23 2014, 02:30 PM
In: rise of a king
By: Kuna

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